We all have desires. We all have dreams that we think will make the world a better place. We believe that our business has to revolve around this dream/passion. The reality is that if people don’t want the product you’re selling, it doesn’t matter how big that dream of yours is. Business is about your relationship with the customer, not yourself!

Do people NEED what you are selling? Is there a demand for it?

You need to have a very disciplined focus on what people NEED as opposed to what you WANT in business.

A former employee of Skype (one of the early day video call/
chat companies) said that after they had seen some success, the entire team was eager to expand and innovate. They tried games, hot spots, and translators, but very quickly, they realised all the customers wanted was very CLEAR call connectivity. Despite all the new ideas, all people needed was more efficient telecommuni- cation. It wasn’t about what Skype wanted, but it was about what the people needed.

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